Electric Bug Zapper Outdoor Mosquito Lamp Review

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When you want to win the war against annoying insects, a bug zapper mosquito lamp may be your prime need. Manufacturers around the world have designed a variety of solutions to serve customers around the world. But buyers may get confused about which product they should buy for their home.

Well, here we are going to talk about one of the best products from White Kaiman. This detailed product review may help you to make a confident purchase decision to ensure complete safety from insects at home.

Incredible Features of Kaiman Electric Bug Zapper Outdoor Mosquito Lamp:

This bug zapper is designed with high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance. Users can also place a specially designed insect attractant pack into the dedicated slot in this mosquito lamp to double its performance. Here are few impressive features of this bug zapper:

  • Large area coverage:

No one likes the flying insects surrounding their home. This high-powered outdoor bug killer can attract mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, and many other pesky insects from a large range. Make sure you place the lamp at a distance of more than 20 feet from where you are sitting. It will soon attract all the bugs while promising a very relaxing time outdoors.

  • Instant killing:

This highly efficient and powerful bug killer works with UV lights that help to attract all the bugs from the surrounding area. Furthermore, the electric grid sends heavy voltage pulses, around 2000 volts, to kill the pests instantly. It means you can get rid of all the annoying insects and bugs soon.

  • Waterproof solution:

No matter whether you want to use mosquito killers indoors or outdoors, this amazing product from White Kaiman can serve your needs well. It comes with a built-in hook so that the lantern can be hanged outside during grill and picnic hours. You can also place it indoors in the warehouse, living room, or garage as well. This lamp works more effectively when it goes dark around. For effective operation, the elevation must be 5 to 7 feet above the ground.

  • Easy to clean:

This mosquito killer is designed using a safety guard so that direct contact with the lamp can be prevented. The lantern also comes with a removable tray and brush so that users can clean it easily from time to time. Make sure you do not touch the lamp when it is on or heated; let it cool down before you start cleaning.


  • Safety net included.
  • Twist lock tray for easy cleaning.
  • Long range coverage for attracting insects.
  • Efficient and powerful performance.


  • Little expensive.


Although this White Kaiman Electric Mosquito Zapper is currently available with a higher price tag, its incredible performance promises the best value for your investment. If you want to get rid of all the insects to enjoy a relaxing grill or picnic hour with the family, this product can serve your needs better.

It is good to place an order online to ensure fast delivery at your doorstep. You can place it indoors and outdoors as well.

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