Electric Fly Swatter Racket w/Detachable Flashlight Handheld

Welcome to BestMosquitoZapper.com. On this page we will be taking a look at one of the best insect zappers on the market. We will provide a full review along with real customer opinion and show you where to get the best price.

Buying a bug zapper is a great way to get rid of all those pesky bugs that are constantly buzzing around you.  Instead of using a traditional fly swatter start using electric bug zappers.  They are actually quite fun to use.  Our ultimate review of the White Kaiman Electric Fly Swatter Racket w/Detachable Flashlight Handheld will provide you with great information and help you know if this type of zapper will suit your needs.

The rechargeable bug zapper racket comes with a unique feature which is a detachable handle that can be used as a flashlight. This is different from the LED spotlight that is mounted directly in front of the racket to spot bugs and insects.

Let’s take an indebt look of the White Kaiman Electric Fly Swatter Racket w/Detachable Flashlight Handheld


  • 1200mAh battery: It comes with a durable 1200mAh Lithium battery which serve as a power source to both the racket and the detachable flashlight  
  • LED spotlight:  White Kaiman Electric Fly Swatter Racket w/Detachable Flashlight Handheld has an LED spotlight for proper view of insect to zap. This makes it easier to use in the dark.
  • 2 layer of safety grids: Safety is a major factor of an insect zapper; it is the reason we are not using chemical sprays.  White Kaiman Electric Fly Swatter Racket w/Detachable Flashlight Handheld has 2 different protective layers to cover the main high voltage grid from being touched. Only bugs can pass through.
  • Removable Flashlight: this is a peculiar feature to this product making it more useful in camps and outdoor activities. The flashlight can be easily detached and also charged with the built-in fast charge capability.
  • 4000V zap Voltage: This is quite a lot of voltage for an insect to survive from. No insect can survive from this kind of high voltage This makes it very much effective.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • High voltage grid with protection and spotlight
  • 30 minutes full charge time.
  • 2 in 1 feature


Need to be locomotive to use; unlike the White Kaiman 2 in 1 Rechargeable Waterproof Outdoor Mosquito Zapper, it needs to be constantly moved across where the insect is spotted. The spotlight helps attract the insect too.

Bottom line: This is a Fly Swatter Racket with Detachable Flashlight Handheld, not a stand-alone bug zapper. What this means is that if you are buying this you should know the usability of this device and not expect it to fully attract insects to itself.

The manufactures have added the small LED spotlight to assist you and have packed it with a fast charge Lithium battery of 1200mAh powerful enough to serve you like an insect zapper and a flashlight in one trip.

You should not take my words for it, you can see what customers who have actually bought and used it are saying about this product on amazon.com

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