Outdoor Bug Zapper & How to Choose the Best

Ever tried to enjoy a nice lunch out on the deck only to have it ruined by flies? How about an evening out drinking and chatting with friends in your back yard, only to go inside to avoid the mosquito’s? We’ve all been there, and the best solution to get bug-free days and nights out in the yard is to get a outdoor bug zapper.

bug zapper

But, as you may have experienced before, if you buy the wrong bug zapper it will barely give mosquitos a shock, let alone kill them. So, how do you find a mosquito zapper that actually does the job?

Here are the 5 most important features you should look for when choosing the best bug zapper for your yard.

1.    A High Voltage Grid

The most important feature of a bug zapper is the high voltage grid. This will ensure that the insects are killed instantly. When this fails, the bugs are free to continue bothering and biting you, so you need to ensure the voltage is high enough. How much is enough? Most zappers are between 500 and 2,750 volts, but you’re best off looking at anything 1,000 volts and up. The grid in our Electric Bug Zapper has a power of 2,000 volts so you can be sure it will do the job.

2.    A High UV Bulb

A bug zapper also needs to have an extremely bright bulb to attract the mosquitos and flies in your yard to it. The most effective bulbs for this are UV, as these will emit light in all directions and draw in the insects from a very long range. Non-UV bulbs are just never going to be effective, while UV bulbs will attract mosquitos, fruit fly, gnats, moths, and other irritating flying insects to them. For best results, set up our Electric Bug Zapper at least 20 feet away from where you will be sitting about 5 to 7 feet above the ground. This will entice those pesky bugs well away from you so you can fully enjoy your time in the yard.

3.    Versatility

The best bug zappers are versatile. You don’t want to be stuck in one area of your yard, unable to go to the pool or to sit by a bonfire because your bug zapper is by the patio. You also shouldn’t need to buy five or six just to fully enjoy your yard.

Instead, being able to hang your mosquito zapper anywhere or stand it on an outdoor table means it can go anywhere with you. That’s why our Bug Zapper has a built-in hook; it can be easily hung up wherever you need it to be and is even waterproof so you will not need to worry about taking it down when you head in for the night!

4.    Great Safety Features

Safety should be one of your biggest concerns, especially if you have animals or children and you’re looking at a high-voltage mosquito zapper. You need an outdoor bug zapper that is perfectly safe to be handled by humans, although you should be aware that, like anything with a non-LED bulb, bug zappers get very hot so should not be touched while they are on and will need to cool down once it has powered off until it is entirely safe.

To ensure that you are not put in danger, our outdoor Bug Zapper has a covering of safety-certified plastic netting to protect human hands and fingers from the high voltage grid – perfect if you have little ones in the family.

5.    A Removable Tray and Attractant Case

The final feature you should look for in a bug zapper is a removable tray, ideally with an attractant case. This tray will collect any insects that fall into the bug zapper after they are killed, rather than littering your yard.

An insect attractant pack will draw in even more bugs to clear your yard more quickly and ensure you stay mosquito and bug-free. Our Electric Bug Zapper has a twist lock on the tray that allows for easy removal and cleaning, and this is also where you will get access to the attractant case. What’s more, our product comes with a brush that you can use for regular cleaning maintenance after heavy use and dislodge any bugs that haven’t fallen into the tray. When you have the right bug zapper, you can look forward to spring, summer, and fall staying bug-free out in the yard. Click here to see more about the White Kaiman Electric Bug