Solar-powered Portable 1.2W LED Waterproof Bug Zapper

The power supply has been one of the biggest issues in picking the best mosquito zapper. On this page, we will be taking a good look at one of the best solar-powered and waterproof mosquito zappers.

An insect zapper is very important in camping but most camps are off the grid making it difficult to use an AC Powered Zapper or even to recharge a rechargeable zapper. This has become an issue especially with the fact that you still need to keep some factors constant like effectiveness, waterproof and other functionality.

White Kaimen has gotten it all in one device with a powerful waterproof and yet solar-powered insect zapper. It also comes with a 360-degree cold white LED light which means you can also use it as a lantern for your camping. Isn’t this a complete package?

Let’s go into the features of this Solar powered Stainless Steel Portable 1.2W LED Waterproof Bug Zapper.

Features and benefits

  • 1WP solar panel: it is packed with a 1WP solar panel that only requires just 5 hours of sun to be fully charged and ready to use for another 40 hours of bug extermination.
  • Waterproof: It is made of airtight sealed stainless steel which makes it waterproof. This feature makes it more rugged compared to other mosquito zappers out there. Also making it really environmentally friendly in camps.
  • Multipurpose lantern: Its two in one functionality has made it really adaptive. You do not need to go camping with two different devices, one for mosquito zapper and the other a lantern rather you have them both in one long-lasting device.
  • You can also charge it using external power. Making it a multi charge device


  • Solar-powered: This is to me the most important advantage of this device over every other mosquito zapper in the market. The fact that it charges fast with solar energy and lasts long in use.
  • Waterproof: This is most useful when you are doing out camping in a raining season or if you will e leaving the insect zapper outside at night.
  • Lasts really long: The built-in 1800mAh battery has been proving to power the low energy bulb or 0.3W and the alongside the zapper for a very long period of time, despite the fact that it is charged by solar cells.
  • Affordable
  • Really durable and user friendly: The Stainless Steel Portable 1.2W LED Waterproof Bug Zapper is very durable. It is made of stainless steel which makes it less corrosive and durable


  • Does NOT cover as much square ft

Bottom line: This is a solar-powered device and from my experience with solar-powered devices, this one has passed most tests and is highly recommended but like it has been stated earlier, it is not suitable for too many square feet. If you are going for a group camp it is advisable to pick one at a certain range of feet to increase effectiveness.

Also, we advise using the direct impact of sunlight to charge and not reflected rays of light from other sources.

With all this been said we still encourage you to check what others are saying on about this device and take a stand for yourself. Buy one, test it and let us know if our details met your expectations.