White Kaiman ~ Killer Waterproof Bug Zapper Review

White Kaiman ~ Killer Waterproof Bug Zapper Review

Hello there, welcome to my review on the White Kaiman Killer Waterproof Bug Zapper. Right here you will be given a full overview of this product to help you know if to buy this bug zapper or not.

Picking one out of the many types and models of bug zappers is one hectic work to do and I must say that bug zapper happen to be the best way to get rid of bugs and insects constantly flying around instead of using a chemical spray which might, on the other hand, be harmful to our health.

Without taking much time lets hop into the main features of the White Kaiman Killer Waterproof Bug Zapper

  • White Kaiman  Killer Waterproof Bug Zapper weighs about 2.55 pounds this is really light compared to a lot of other bug zappers I the market. While this might not have anything to do with its ability to zap still it is important to know the wight.
  • Attractant case: This bug zapper uses insect attractant packs to draw more bugs and insects to its. Awesome technology, especially when you want your zapper to kill more insects in no time.
  • 2000 Voltage grid: This is the killing machine itself and I wonder what kinder insect would survive that. This, on the other hand, increases the scope of use for the specific zapper.
  • 20W 3-U UV Bulb: One might not just be enough so it has 3 UV Bulbs that attract insects more effectively.
  • Removable Tray: this is another way of making this insect zapper easy to use. Removable tray makes it easy to clean and dust off dead insects.
  • Allround finger protection: The White Kaiman ~ Killer Waterproof Bug Zapper is designed with all-round protection to protect the finger from going into the danger area.
  • It is waterproof.

There is another thing you might have noticed about this bug zapper, It comes with a hook that makes it easy to hang around a specific place of target and also has a stand-in case you want to use it on a table.


Let’s talk about its common advantages over its competitors:

  • It is affordable. White Kaiman ~ Killer Waterproof Bug Zapper is priced at about $16.86 over its competitors that are priced way above $50.
  • It is light and portable
  • It is waterproof
  • Uses 20W 3-U UV Bulb with low power consumption.


  • Not rechargeable, this means you will need an external power source if you are taking it comping

Bottom line: We highly recommend this bug zapper for your garden and homes with a relative amount of safety to both the human eye and children’s fingers. It has proven more effective than a lot other and is of Couse safer compared with the chemical sprays and lot other bug zappers in the market

NB: For a precautional reason, Place the mosquito lamp ideally 20 plus feet away from where you will be sitting to attract the bugs away from you.

I hope this was useful? Please let us know what you think of the White Kaiman Killer Waterproof Bug Zapper. Is it something you have used before? What is your past experience with it?